Pool Rules

Pool Rules and Regulations
The purpose of Winding-Vista Recreation, Inc. (“Winding-Vista” or the “Club”) is to provide and operate recreational facilities for the enjoyment of all of its members and guests. Members shall advise their children and guests of the rules and ensure that everyone complies with them. Failure to abide by the rules shall be cause for suspension and/or revocation of membership.

The hours which the pool is open are posted on the Winding Vista web site found at windingvista.com. On home swim meet nights the pool will close at 4:00 P.M. Please check website/calendar for exact dates. Also, parts of the pool area may be closed during storms/rain and other purposes at the discretion of the Pool Manager.

The Board of Directors has authorized the Pool Manager and lifeguards to enforce the Club Rules and Regulations. They have the authority to take any steps deemed necessary for the safety of members and guests who are on the premises. This authority shall include, but is not limited to, the following:
· Stop activities they deem unsafe or not in the best interest of all members;
· Refuse admittance, with cause, to any person at any time; and
· Demand, with cause, that any person leave the pool or the Winding-Vista facilities.
Whenever possible, the Pool Manager and lifeguards will solicit concurrence from at least one additional adult witness before demanding any person to leave the pool and other Club facilities, including the playground, tennis, and parking areas.

Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests while they are on the pool grounds and any other Winding-Vista facility. The pool is intended for use of its members. On occasion, member families may bring guests. It is not intended that members bring the same guests repeatedly. The Winding Vista Recreation President, Pool Manager, members of the Board and the lifeguards reserve the right to ask any guest in violation of the spirit of the guest policy to leave the pool. The Club President or Pool Manager may contact member families who abuse the guest privileges. Only paid members of Winding Vista are considered members. All other people are guests. Members are required to register themselves and their guests daily. Please register by signing the book at the front entrance of the pool. The guest fee is $3.00 per SWIMMING guest (i.e. no charge for infants/individuals wearing street clothes) per day. Guest fees are to be placed in the fee lock box or put in the mail slot labeled for guest fees. An adult member must be present with each guest or guest family. Any caregiver who does not belong to the family list, but is standing in for the parent(s) in their absence will be able to remain with those children on a potentially repetitive basis without being asked to leave. Caregivers standing in for parents must be at least 16 years old and do not require an adult from a member family to be present.


·   No smoking is allowed anywhere on Winding Vista property at any time.

·    No hair/bobby pins or curlers will be worn when swimming unless covered by swimming cap.

·    No child under twelve (12) years of age will be permitted in the pool area unless accompanied by an older person not less than sixteen (16) years of age, who is both responsible and qualified.

·    No child over six (6) years of age is permitted in the wading pool, including during adult swim periods.No child may be left unattended in the wading pool area. Please use common sense when you have young children swimming in the deep end.

·    Children who are not potty-trained must wear swim diapers covered by waterproof rubber pants with snug-fitting legs and waists when entering either pool. A swimsuit must be worn over the rubber pants and diapers.

·    Any non-solid contamination to either pool results in the pool being closed for 24-hours. All incidents of contamination that lead to the closure of either the main pool or the wading pool that are linked to a member or their guests will result in the following reimbursement of expenses:

·    First Occurrence – Warning

·    Second Occurrence – Cost reimbursement of $250.00. This amount is the estimated cost of the 24-hour closing period to the community

·    Third Occurrence – Cost reimbursement of $250.00 and suspension from the pool for thirty (30) days

·    No glass objects will be permitted in or around the pool area, which includes the entire deck and both pavilions.

·    The diving board may not be used unless the lifeguard on duty says the board is open for use. The diving board may be closed at any time. While open, only one person is permitted on the diving board at any time. There shall be no diving or jumping from the side of the diving board or from the side of the pool in the diving area near the diving board. No swimming across the pool under the diving board is permitted while the diving board is open for use.

·    Water guns of all sizes, inflatable toys, or rafts may be used only to the extent that they do not impair the fun and frolic of the swimmers. The Pool Manager and lifeguards have the authority to remove any and all objects of this type at any time.

·    Any person having a skin disease, an open wound, inflamed eyes, colds, nasal or ear discharges, or any communicable disease will be excluded from the pool area.

·     A complete first-aid kit will be available at all times in the guard room. All injuries or illnesses must be reported to the lifeguard and/or Pool Manager/designee immediately.

·     Treatment for injuries at the pool is at the risk of the individual. Lifeguards are trained in first aid, but are not medical professionals. In the event of an issue beyond the scope of first aid treatment 911 will be called.


·    Winding Vista has a code of conduct to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all members and their guests while using the facilities. Each member must adhere to the following rules of conduct and ensure their children and guests adhere to the same rules of conduct.

·    Physical violence, verbal bullying, and taunting are unacceptable behaviors. These behaviors will be recorded and reported as the Pool Manager, lifeguards, or members of the Board deem appropriate.

·    Violators may be asked to leave immediately.

·    No pets are allowed on Winding Vista property.

·    No scooters, skates, rollerblades, or skateboards may be used within the fenced pool area or other walkways.

·    No running, pushing, ball playing, wrestling or horseplay is allowed around pool area.

·    All trash must be placed in the trashcans. Soft drink bottles and cans should be emptied and placed in the recycle bin, where available.

·    Members may be restricted from swimming at the discretion of the Pool Manager or lifeguard.

·    Proper swimming attire shall be worn at all times. No cut-off jeans or shorts allowed.

·    At no time during the Adult Swim (occurs 15 minutes before each hour) shall any person under the age of sixteen (16) be permitted in the pool, on the stairs, or diving board with the exception of children five (5) and under accompanied by their parent and/or adult guardian. The exception to this rule is swim lessons or practice with direct adult supervision.

·    Any behavior construed to be disrespectful towards the lifeguards, the Pool Manager, or any other member shall not be tolerated. Violators may be asked to leave immediately. Violators may also be reported to the proper authorities including local law enforcement for disciplinary action.


·   The pool may not be utilized for personal parties at any time outside of pool hours of operation. Only activities pre-approved by the board and/or Pool Manager will be allowed before or after hours.

·   Parties for members must be arranged with the Pool Manager or the designated representative at least two weeks in advance. The Pool Manager and party host will schedule the party at a time that provides for the safety and convenience of both the party participants and the Club membership. The party host is responsible for the supervision of all attendees and the cleaning of the area following the event.

·   There will be a $3.00 guest fee for all SWIMMING non-members attending the party. The need for extra lifeguards to facilitate the additional guests will be determined according to the guidelines set up by the pool management company and this cost will be passed on to the party host. These guidelines are: 15-25 swimming guests, one extra guard. The cost is $25 per lifeguard hour with a minimum of $50. Parties with more than 25 swimming guests need to have board approval.

Winding Vista Recreation, Inc., its Board of Directors, and their contractors do not assume any responsibility for the loss or damage to any personal property. Winding Vista, its Board of Directors, and any of their contractors do not assume any responsibility for members or guests while on Club property. Members or their guests can have no claim against the Club for any accident or injury to any person on the Winding-Vista property. All person(s) assume their own risk and take full responsibility for their actions while on Club property. Only persons authorized by the Pool Manager or Board members will be permitted on Club property during closed hours. Lost and Found area is located across from the men’s’ restroom in the plastic cabinet. Please check this periodically for any personal belongings. Items will be discarded/donated at the end of the pool season each year. Members, their family or guests may not reprimand contractors of the Club. Suggestions or complaints should be directed to the Pool Manager or another Board member. The pool may be closed for maintenance operations, health conditions, weather, or any reason deemed sufficient by the Pool Manager or the Board of Directors. Notification will be given via e-mail or posted on the Club website when practicable.

Bicycles must be parked in the designated racks or in the immediate area of the racks should the racks be full. These rules may be revised and additional rules established at any time by the action of the Board of Directors.

  • Our access code is for members only. Please do not share with non-members or yell it to people waiting at the gate.

  • Lifeguards are first point of contact for issues when the pool is open. Depending on the issue (safety vs maintenance vs injury, etc.), they will have the authority to resolve or may need to contact the Club Manager for resolution.

  • Concessions staff are responsible for concessions sales and collection of guest fees only. They are not responsible for resolving any club, property, or rule issues or conflicts.

  • Per DeKalb County regulations, Winding Vista maintains a hard wired phone near the back gate beside the women's restroom. We also have a defibrillator beside the phone. This is accessible to all members who have the gate access code.

  • Weather rules: Per DeKalb County, we are required to clear the pool in the occurrence of lightning and/or thunder for 30 minutes. Lifeguards will be responsible for marking the time and notifying any swimmers who wish to remain through the delay.

  • Members and their guests are expected to do their part in keeping the pool area uncluttered. If you see trash, please pick it up. If you see items that have obviously been left behind, please place them in lost and found beside the women's restroom.

  • Lost and found will be cleaned out on a regular basis throughout the pool season. Announcements will be made via email and on the club members-only Facebook group. Large amounts of accumulated lost and found items result in mold, mildew, and sometimes pests and insects, so it will be cleared completely on a regular basis.

  • Parking - please be mindful of others' need for parking spaces and park responsibly and respectfully. If the lot is full, we must park on only one side of the street or else cars will be towed. Typically we park on the pool side of the street.